Monday, November 22, 2010

noscript tag and google index

The noscript tag is indexed by google! I recently released work for a client which used the noscript tag to display the typical 'this site needs javascript' warning if javascript was disabled on the client's browser.... unfortunately I did this in the head of my page AND used a h3 element to title the warning segment....

As a result, most pages on the site were indexed as 'Javascript not enabled' as the title, and the site's metatagged description as the content. Not happy.

Best practice - if you are going to use the noscript tag for simple javascript warnings, use it at the bottom of the rendered page.... many sites do this (including StackOverflow). Might also help not to use any heading elements (i.e. h1,h2,h3) but rely on styling another element as a heading.

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