Friday, October 15, 2010

Google Analytics - multi domain named site tracking

Another quick blog... Recently I added analytics to a couple of sites with more than one domain name. Its easy to see how much of your traffic is from each hostname (Vistors->Network Properties->Hostnames), but
I wanted to be able to overlay how much traffic was arriving to the site from each domain (to see which one was most effectively being advertised).....

I was able to achieve this by creating a Custom Segment.

When first logging into the Google Analytics Dashboard for the desired site / account, just above the Date Range, there is the Advanced Segments drop down list. Clicking on that drop down I was able to create a new Advanced Segment.

In the Advanced Segment editor, I could expand the Content submenu from the Dimensions menu on the left, and drag the 'HOSTNAME' field into my segment.

I then set the Condition field to 'CONTAINS', then enter the base hostname of the additional domain I want to analyse separately (i.e.

After naming and saving the segment, I can apply it via the Advanced Segments drop down in the dashboard and viola....

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