Sunday, June 27, 2010

CodeIgniter - Ruby on Rails (RoR) Layouts and filters


Continuing to list starter features, I have also integrated Ruby on Rails (RoR) style layouts and before / after filters.

Both were implemented as CI hooks - both the layout and filter code was obtained from the CodeIgniter forums and wiki posts

Using the Filters hook, each action is wrapped in a Doctrine Transaction, which ensures all db updates etc. are ATOMIC.

One hassle I found with the above Filters system was that I couldn't implement a before / after filter directly in the controller class. Within the Doctrine_Transaction filter I ensure that if a controller has a before_action, or after_action function within its class definition, it is called before, or after the action is executed. This obviously could / should be abstracted out eventually into its own Filter class.... but it works just the same as is.

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